Blue Chair Betty began with a great American road trip and became the Great Connector.

In the summer of 2020, Ric trekked cross country from Los Angeles to see his three children living in New York. People that heard about the journey - many who hadn’t had their hair cut since the start of the pandemic - begged him to stop by their city for a trim.

With no access to a salon chair and indoors off limits...

Ric wanted a portable seat to take along for spur of the moment outdoor appointments - and Betty was born. 

The tiny blue chair rode shotgun, a constant companion as he drove from state to state providing signature Pipino haircuts for grateful clients and friends along the way. 

Where's Betty?

People were soon asking for her, and to be photographed during their cut, often at local and city landmarks. 

Everyone had a story to share along the way, and Betty had a knack for getting people to open up - about their childhood, their culture, past generations and heritage.

The tales people told on that first roadtrip were impossible to forget and are just the beginning of an international storytelling adventure.

More Betty coming soon.